Director – Karen Thompson

Fitness Escapes owner and director Karen Thompson is a Stuntwoman and a former New Zealand Tae Kwon Do representative.

She has 12 national titles and has run many successful self-defence courses. She has spent her life playing sport and keeping fit. Karen thrives on the commitment in reaching personal goals and assisting others in achieving theirs.

After discovering her love for Thailand in 2006, she moved to Phuket where she trained every day at the fitness camp.

She has first-hand knowledge and experience of the camp and was lucky enough to get to know the area. She can guide everyone on where to go, what to do, where to eat, even where to get the best massages.

Karen’s advice is, “Don’t be afraid to travel alone, understandably this can be daunting; however you WILL meet like-minded people who will enrich your fitness experience.”

Nutritionist – Tarren McCall

For the better part of 20 years Tarren McCall has been personally looking after the nutrition of people from all around the world – both athletes and clients from everyday walks of life; Tarren has come to be regarded as one of the best in her field.

Her client list numbers in the thousands and includes people successfully losing weight, putting on muscle, and winning bodybuilding competitions across all classes in a number of countries.

Tarren has achieved this through seeing people both personally in a one-on-one environment and through the online nutrition service that she extends to clients right here on her website. With years of experience under her belt, literally hundreds of success stories, and the unique experience of having been an NZIFBB judge, Tarren knows precisely what to look for and what an individual requires to achieve their desired goals.

​On top of this Tarren is able to deliver exactly what each individual client requires at an affordable cost through her online services.

Personal Trainer – Flloyd Rewa

Flloyd is a qualified Personal Trainer who is passionate in all aspects of fitness whether its weights, cardio or sports.

As a trainer his focus is to work on the mentality of his clients as he understands training is not just about physical effort, a lot of it comes down to discipline and commitment.

Flloyd has learnt a lot from his own life challenges which has made him a top coach. His calming nature will ease any clients who may be anxious of starting their journey. He states “Never be afraid of trying because there is nothing more rewarding than doing the hard yards to achieve your goals”. Flloyd helps the people he works with to adopt a healthier life style, whether it’s increasing muscle mass, dropping body fat – you name it, he can do it! 

As a trainer Floyd will assist clients of Fitness Escapes with fitness assessments prior to leaving for your holiday. These will be done at New York Fitness, Papakura, Auckland.

His personal training strengths include:

  • Pad work
  • Personal Training
  • Strength and conditioning/plyometric training/sports specific training
  • Group fitness